7 Amazing Things DNA Tests Can Do

A DNA test is used for far more things than simply finding out who the father is of a child. The use of DNA testing is expanding to provide amazing amounts of information in several different areas. Below are seven of the more incredible things this type of test can do.

1. Determine Child Paternity

One common use of DNA tests is in determining the parentage of a child. When cases are in dispute, a DNA test can be administered and it gives the percentage of probability of whether the male tested is the father. It’s used as a matter of course in determining child support.

2. Predict Future Genetic Problems Before Conceiving

A small sample of the blood from a potential mom and a sample of spit from a potential father can yield results that tell whether there is a likelihood of any type of genetics abnormalities that can show up in a future child. Future predictions of having a healthy child are a definite stride forward in DNA test technology.

3. Find Out If You Are Genetically Predisposed to Obesity

Many people find it nearly impossible to lose weight without expending more effort than anyone else they know. It could be due to a genetic predisposition to obesity. DNA tests can show whether you or your child has this uphill battle in weight loss.

4. Be Found Innocent of a Crime

Being charged with a serious crime is one thing, but a conviction can turn your life upside down. In some instances, when there’s DNA evidence, a DNA test can prove that you’re innocent. It has allowed some people the opportunity to be released off of death row. The resources at CRI Genetics are also helpful and could help you learn more information.

5. Learn About Your Family Tree

Get a better understanding of your family tree and find the missing pieces of the puzzle. You might be surprised to find out you are related to a celebrity or the Royal bloodline. It can make family reunions more interesting.

6. Find Out the Exact Mix of Your Dog

Is your dog affectionately called a “mutt” due to a lack of knowledge in what the breeds are that might be in the mix? A DNA test can tell you the exact breeds and percentage for your dog. It’s a fun way to find out more about your pet.

7. Solve Historical Mysteries

A DNA test was used to solve the parking lot burial discovery of King Richard III of England. Some of the toughest unsolved mysteries from the past are consistently being solved through the use of DNA test technologies. Who knows where this science will lead the world in 10 or 20-years.

Take advantage of the amazing amounts of information DNA testing offers to anyone that jumps in and gives it a try.

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