7 Toilet Troubles You Might Regret Ignoring

As simple as a toilet looks, many things can go wrong and make it difficult or impossible to use. Some basic care you can do yourself, but others require the help of a plumber. Below are seven problems with a toilet you need to handle right away.

1. Wax Ring Failure

The wax ring that sits between your toilet fixture and the floor can become warped and worn over time. It leads to leaks of water and odors that can seem unbearable and is unsanitary. Get the wax ring replaced if you notice any water leaking out from under your toilet.

2. Lack of Silicone Sealant

A fully intact wax ring can still allow odor to escape and make sitting or standing in your bathroom an unpleasant experience. Add a seal of silicone between the bottom outside edge of the toilet and the floor to seal out bad sewer smells.

3. Wobbly Toilet

Uneven flooring in your bathroom can make sitting on your toilet seem more like trying to ride a wild buffalo. It can also damage the connection between your toilet and the drain, leading to leaks and unpleasant smells. Hire a handyman or plumber to add spacer materials to even out and stabilize the toilet. At the Cherry and Clark Roofing website, there are more resources available for additional insights.

4. Cracked Toilet Seat

A cracked toilet seat can be an uncomfortable and dangerous problem. Depending on where the crack is located, it can pinch sensitive flesh and cause injuries. If the crack is where the seat is attached to the toilet, the seat will be loose and can cause you to slip off the fixture. Both can cause injuries that require medical attention. Replace any worn or cracked toilet seats.

5. Constantly Running Water

A running toilet can increase your water bill by a tremendous amount over the course of a month. It can also drive you nuts when you don’t know how to make it stop. It can be caused by a variety of problems. Check that the float is not stuck or the chain caught beneath the flapper at the bottom. Never let this problem go without finding the solution.

6. Rusted or Loose Flush Handle

A flush handle showing signs of serious corrosion is a set-up for future problems. At some point, the handle will quit working or come off in your hand. It will leave you having to lift the tank lid and manually pull up the flapper that holds the water inside the tank.

7. Clogged Toilet

Does your toilet seem to get clogged frequently? You may have an obstruction in this part of the plumbing that needs to be completely removed. Call in a plumber and have this portion of your plumbing snaked to avoid a complete blockage.

A good working toilet is one plumbing fixture you can’t do without, which makes basic maintenance and care important.

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