7 Toilet Troubles You Might Regret Ignoring

As simple as a toilet looks, many things can go wrong and make it difficult or impossible to use. Some basic care you can do yourself, but others require the help of a plumber. Below are seven problems with a toilet you need to handle right away.

1. Wax Ring Failure

The wax ring that sits between your toilet fixture and the

Fall foliage in Montreal

Fall foliage in Montreal typically peaks in early October. With the season beginning in mid-September and running through the end of October there is plenty of time to enjoy the spectacular array of colors.

Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights will open in Winnipeg in 2014, becoming the first national museum ever established outside of Ottawa. Probably the biggest new tourism attraction coming to Western Canada next year is the Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Vancouver Attractions

The Vancouver's most popular attractions are outside. The city is the perfect mix of urban sophistication outdoor scenery. The SeaBus and SkyTrain take advantage of the public transportation. Navigate the sprawling city parks, head to the mountains and explore the quirky neighborhoods to celebrate the city's energy.